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They start a relationship and she changes Chuck into a better more philanthropic person. She knows much more about the gang than what she lets on, and she's the one who advises Vanessa to get back together with Dan, so that Nate can get Serena back. Andrew Tyler, a detective that works for Bart and Chuck, is portrayed by Kevin Stapleton in seasons two and four. She was best friends with Kati Farkas and tends to match outfits with her.

At the dinner, Blair is presented with a contract about the custody of the baby and Cyrus, being a lawyer, quickly finds all the faults and tight guidelines contained in it. He has threatened Damien to stay away from the Van Der Woodsens twice, the second being a death threat. Russell filmed a multi-episode arc, as, yes, a director. Lily hides the fact that she has cancer from her family except her mother and goes to her ex-husband for treatment.

At the end of episode, Chuck finds out that it wasn't Jack who saved his life and assumes it was Elizabeth Fisher, Jack appears to verify his story by saying that she didn't want him to know. Momsen exited the show after the fourth season, but made a cameo in the series finale. As is not matriculated at her hand return after first leaves of her spread across the web, when she is authentic at Grand Land mass including her wearing friend, Blair Waldorf. This caused him to be forced into serving a five-year sentence for a crime that he did not commit.

Such a man in real life, you know about all of new york. Really, she was the only royal fit for Queen B. William van der Woodsen, portrayed by William Baldwin in seasons three, four, five and six, is Lily's first husband and the father of Serena and Eric. In season four, china best Jonathan tries unsuccessfully to reconcile with Eric.

Gossip Girl s Ed Westwick congratulates Leighton Meester on her wedding
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When the on-screen and rufus are the entire. Portrayed by Susan Misner. Blake Lively had quit acting. She even got her own breakout miniseries that aired online after each episode.

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  • Isabel and Penelope contribute to the new rift between Blair and Serena when the position of Queen shifts from Blair to Serena.
  • She also continues to be Blair's loyal right-hand woman, and the ring-leader of her sidekicks.
  • Or, like, break your kneecap.
  • She tells Russell she wants nothing to do with him, but later helps Blair and Chuck when it's discovered that he was responsible for killing her mother.

Since then Lively has become a bona fide movie star

They kept it from everybody which is a testament to how good they are as actors. The orderliness fights amusement of finished romance drama. It was a fucking production nightmare. After which, Georgina goes back to her old scheming ways.

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He attends Blair's wedding, and walks her down the aisle with Harold on her other side. She is also a national Merit Scholar. He soon leaves New York as Serena and Chuck intervene. Isabel, together with Kati, between returned at the end of season four at a Constance reunion.

When Bart Bass dies, William consoles Lilly about it and the two rekindle their old love. He then tells Blair that the college she is admitted to doesn't matter and that the person she becomes matters more. The two return to her eighteenth party to convince Eleanor to take him back. They told him his son is a drug dealer and he was cut off from his father inheritance. However, Dan and May's straight is in ruins and the two go to person it off.

After Bart stole most of his deals and wrecked many of his business plans, Thorpe essentially was run out of town and went to Chicago to build his own empire there. Georgina accidentally learns the secret behind Serena's cousin Charlie and informs her to keep in touch. Although, near the end, there is a scene with Jack in his limo calling someone and telling her that Chuck knows that Jack didn't donate him the blood, and that she should come.

Outside of its stars you know about all of trying to meet eligible single man. Gossip girl stars dating in real life hot. Like several of his co-stars, Penn has also had a wedding since Gossip Girl ended, though his was likely very different from his ex Blake's Martha Stewart-approved affair. She is portrayed as a very wealthy, highly conservative, uptight, selfish, intimidating, snobbish, and impassive socialite who looks down and scorns at all people who are of middle or lower classes. But in real life Westwick formally congratulated his former on-screen flame's real life engagement through a text message.

Real Life Couples of Gossip Girl Gossip Girl

THEN AND NOW Here s what the cast of Gossip Girl is up to 12 years later

Mostly, though, she wore statement necklaces and got involved in schemes that were way above her pay grade. Cyrus is also the father of Aaron Rose, from a previous marriage. He then convinces Nate to take the internship at the Mayor's office but Nate does otherwise by traveling to Europe for the summer. Anjelica Oswald and Callie Ahlgrim.

Portrayed by Tika Sumpter in season four, Raina Thorpe is Russell Thorpe's savvy and candid daughter who also assists her father in his business dealings. She is the ex-wife of Rick Rhodes. Blair's hazing incident eventually reaches the ears of Yale and Blair is no longer accepted.

But after arguing over their conflicting interests, Raina moved onto Nate, leading to some serious Bass brooding. She was an intimidating queen bee and fashion icon. Blair's style and badgley on the real-life nate, penn badgley serena van der woodsen. Um, what in the actual eff? Blair uses this knowledge to separate to Cyrus from Eleanor but Cyrus uses the arrival of Cyndi Lauper to prey on Blair's guilt causing Blair to admit her mistake and slowly accept Cyrus.

Nelly later judges Blair's first fashion show, seated next to Serena who assumes Nelly is still one of Blair's minions until the show goes badly, and Nelly writes it up as a disaster. Russell than tells them the whole truth and that is that the breakup letter wasn't meant for Bart, but for Russell. Lily apologizes for her behavior earlier, and says that she always wanted to meet him. Portrayed by Nan Zhang in seasons one, four, five and six, Kati Farkas is Blair's loyal sidekick until she loses her rank as Queen Bee.

When looking for Diana's secret, he is discovered alive. It hasn't been all ups in her career, though. John Patrick Amedori portrays Aaron Rose in season two, an artist who becomes a love interest for Serena.

THEN AND NOW Here s what the cast of Gossip Girl is up to 12 years later

Before gossip girl fans everywhere are any of gossip girl lily dating? Gossip girl dating in real life. Gossip girl cast dating in real life Outside of gossip girl jessica szohr on secretly dating life is everything. While in Addition, Blair careers Prince Louis Grimaldi, to whom best way to make a girl like you indeed becomes some at the end of the charm.

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Real Life Couples of Gossip Girl - Gossip Girl

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Before the show had even aired, but after casting had been announced, Westwick and Crawford were already getting swarmed when they ventured out in the wild. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. He also found himself in a bit of hot water, bi female dating getting arrest for marijuana possession in Texas.

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However Poppy and Gabriel are actually still together and use Serena to steal money from Lily. Along the way he romanced Vanessa, Georgina, Olivia, got weirdly close with Blair, interned at W magazine, and managed to write a tell-all novel about his experiences. As Chuck and Blair keep digging for dirt on Bart, He gets Nate into prison and tries to kill his own son in a flight to Moscow as a deal to Chuck to keep everyone he loves safe. It indicates the ability to send an email.

33 Hot TV Couples Who Dated in Real Life
  1. Penelope attempts to get Nate as her date to the Snowflake Ball, planning with the girls and a reluctant Jenny to humiliate Vanessa.
  2. Her career isn't the only aspect of her life going well, either.
  3. There were just so many fans everywhere, and when we wrapped at the end of the day, there were handprints all over my car.

Portrayed by Michael Boatman in season four, Russell Thorpe is a longtime friend of Bart Bass who started in the real estate market around the same time together. She and Rufus ultimately end their marriage. As a consequence of the crash Blair tends her baby, Now nearly dies, and Blair additionally marries Feeling. And while their romance never simmered off screen, Meester ended up coupling up with actor Adam Brody of The O. In addition to steady work on the silver screen, Blake's also raking in big bucks with sponsorship deals.

Real Life Couples of Gossip Girl - Gossip Girl

Tamara Feldman portrayed Poppy Lifton in the second and sixth seasons, a friend of Serena's. During the events of Serena's arrest, Lily and CeCe resume their mother-daughter fight but later patch up their problems before CeCe leaves. She reveals to Chuck that she left when he was born, because she was nineteen and had no intentions of marrying Bart. It's in every fiber of her being.

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