NVIDIA releases WHQL Game Ready Driver

Geforce Game Ready Driver 361

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. We can't fix your bug if we can't reproduce it. Frist time I've had a problem since switching to nvidia a few months ago.

Goes away when turned on to Medium. My numbers are all moderate from usage, temp, etc. We are not seeing this issue.

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No other far more demanding games do it. Kept crashing after launching the game. Also as someone else already suggested what does WhoCrashed show? Do you already have an account? This saves only the kernal session and device drivers to the hiberfil.

Maybe a bit extreme, but I see you seems to have a SoundBlaster card, they use to have some conflict in the past with the nV driver. If yes, what was the last driver version which did not have this driver bug? Do you have a factory overclocked card? The release resolves a bug with OpPhi and relaxed precision.

MmSpecialPoolStart unable to get nt! Did they retract that requirement they announced in December?

More convenient for users, for graphic card vendor as well as being more efficient in general. Well whatever the problem was it certainly isn't there now Spoiler. What I don't understand is how they haven't yet mastered the wonders of incrimental updating.


Seems that my issue could be a conflict between the new driver and possibly something else I am running, something that did not cause issues with previous drivers? Trying to install this god damn driver for half an hour and it keeps on god damn failing constantly. Be nice if they specified. Really weird behaviour to be honest. It does so by doing a Hybrid Shutdown partial hibernation when shutting down.

In looking at my Afterburner settings, I can't figure it out. But, since you were kind enough to suggest it, I will try it.

The reason I suggest you try to turn it off. The camera can connect via Wi-Fi to SnapBridge devices.

It doesnt say much more to me than a memory access violation possibliy on the nvidia driver. And then I reboot and it boots the system at x with the basic Windows driver. With this driver I get constant system locked and driver recovery messages.

GeForce Game Ready Driver

What in game graphics settings are you using? Now uninstall that game off the library This driver is keeper. The rest was fine, authenticode driver signing just that segment of the game had artifacts in the parking lot shadow.

Then again, my needs are fairly basic compared to some of you guys. And now I have this clusterfuck of drivers pilled on top of each other while somehow still not working well. Constant crashing, no idea why. Unless you know a setting I'm not aware of that actually works.

Not to mention slow delivery. No, but considering it was supposed to take effect in January, I assume it's dead.

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready Driver

NVIDIA Outs GeForce Game Ready Graphics Driver - Download Now

The targeted digital cameras are now supporting direct wireless connections to devices running SnapBridge. Have tried updating several times, clean installs too.

Project Campfire appears to be dead for good. So effectively, when you start again, it will pick up from where it left off instead of doing a cold boot.

MmSpecialPoolEnd unable to get nt! This will let us see why this breakpoint is happening. But it's been know to cause some issues.

Just tried it and it worked fine for me, come to think of it I really need to play it more anyway! Fiodooor check event viewer, probably u have plenty of nvlddmkm.

Download GeForce WHQL game ready driver

Geforce game ready driver 361