7mm mauser dating, two old surplus mausers swedish vs. brazilian bolt guns

Bell sectioned an elephant skull to determine the size and location of the brain, and used careful aim to ensure bullet placement in the brain. The wood was dark walnut, not at all dented or badly scratched. We thought we had a real winner here. Good luck, wish it were mine. Improved sporter versions are now produced in several countries, particularly Germany, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, and Sweden.

Featuring a box magazine and a one-piece bolt with dual forward locking lugs, the Belgian Model rifle served as a basis for further Mauser turnbolt rifle developments. Rifle magazine will have a seperate magazine out this October specificly on Mauser sporters. It was not in as good of condition as the one you have. Somewhat dismayed, we went to the yard line on a bigger paper target and fired three shots.

It had some decent grain that many a sporting rifle would have liked to have. The same is true of later letter codes. There was also an insert on the right butt-side, female gemini which indicated barrel and throat wear. Then we looked through the barrel. The Brazilian Model Mauser shows lots of bluing left on it.

7 57mm Mauser
American Rifleman

How to identify model and age of Mauser Rifle - 24hourcampfire

The straight-handle bolt closed even with the action empty, the result of someone knocking off the rear of the follower. For man-eating tigers, Corbett preferred a double-barrelled. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Corbett's writings mention using the. It was adopted also in slightly modified form and in various calibers by many other nations, particularly in Central and South America.

Try and keep it in the family and cherish and protect it. The second shot again produced no bullet hole. My thoughts go out to you and your family. We left that for the owner, who kindly loaned this to us as soon as he got it. The work appeared to have been professionally done, and may have been part of the Brazilian specifications.

We cleaned it as well as we could, but had no great hopes for its accuracy. The only interest there was in the rear attachment point, which appeared to be some sort of quick-removal mechanism. Unfortunately, it was bent beyond use. The military of the Kingdom of Spain adopted the Mauser Model rifle.

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The floorplate was particularly bad. Looks like Sporting Carbine Type M pattern pg. Blackpowder Mausers were also produced for China, Serbia, i crush dating and Turkey. There are Mausers and there are other Mausers. Print Thread Switch to Threaded Mode.

Identifying Mauser Markings

The hot Hornady ammo got much higher velocity and gave zero sticky bolt lift, and also gave us the best accuracy. Again we wondered why so many caretakers of this rifle over the years never gave a thought to the barrel innards. All the numbers we found matched on this rifle, so it would be a good representative of the type if it were fully cleaned up.

Two Old Surplus Mausers Swedish vs. Brazilian Bolt Guns

The sights consisted of a rear U-notch adjustable to yards, and it had a clever idea incorporated. It had a flat top, which was an improvement over the common German pointed-top front sight for determining elevation. It worked all right and the stock condition was somewhat above average, but the overall condition of the rifle was certainly not outstanding.

Mauser production and serial numbers
7 57mm Mauser

Both rifles have stubby screw-in cleaning rods. Older Mauser rifles are getting scarce. The exterior of the rifle was in great shape. Produced in large quantity by the Mauser Co. Despite its length and weight, it felt handy, die besten dating seiten and was easy to hold for offhand work.

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  2. This latter ammo looked quite nasty in the box.
  3. The overall workmanship, wood and metal, appeared to be far superior to that of the Swedish rifle.

Phil, Was this a cataloged rifle? It was like looking through a dark, dirty stovepipe. We concluded this rifle was a total loss for shooting, and never fired another shot, except to get chronograph results.

Mauser dating
  • Its a pretty keeper for people who like fine commercial mausers, but if you must sell get Mr Speeds book and educate yourself on what you have and not get cheated on price.
  • The relatively flat trajectory and manageable recoil ensured its place as a sportsman's cartridge.
  • The bluing was mostly intact, though worn thin on the action.
  • Many collectors have no interest in shooting their collectibles, so they tend to ignore the condition of the inside of the barrel.

Mauser dating

Meanings of only a few number codes have been satisfactorily determined, and there has been considerable misinformation on the subject. That was a combination of attributes that made it popular with both soldiers and sportsmen alike. That's a family heirloom, a very nice one at that, and I believe you will regret it if you choose to sell. It was rough, stiff, rubbed and raw, and was about ready to break. Number codes with a letter prefix were used first, but the letter prefix later was dropped.

Das Original

Identifying Mauser Markings

In front of that is the standard turn-over, wing-type safety. Considered a small-ring Mauser, the Swede has an extended cocking piece with checkering on top. Once again, all the numbers we found were matching. One was Remington grain Core-Lokt, the other, Federal grain soft points. Mauser sporting rifles, however, remain highly popular.

According to the official C. Up hills slow, Down hills fast Tonnage first and Safety last. The action ring had a five-pointed star and the full name of Brazil in a very decorative, clean stamping. At that time he said I had sold if for less than half of it's worth!

7mm mauser dating

Actually, some of the parts looked like they had never been blued, while others clearly had bluing worn extremely thin. Is this not the case with commercial sporters? All in all we thought this rifle needed a thorough disassembly and cleaning to make all its parts work better, dating coach adam especially the sight adjustments.

The first successful Mauser rifle was the Model made principally for Germany. Mauser Military Rifles of the World. Loewe owned a controlling interest in the Mauser Co.

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